Self-Mastery Program Plus


Self-Mastery Program Plus

This is a powerful one-year self-transformation course. It also includes four Self-Mastery Self-Talk ™ customized recordings, a new one every 90 days.

The Self-Mastery Program Plus is a unique one-year transformation system, split into four 90 days sections, that help you achieve concrete results. It includes a new customized Self-Mastery Self-Talk ™ audio recording for each of the 90 days sections.


Self-Mastery Self-Talk ™

A unique combination of customized External Motivation and Direction coupled with Self-Talk feedback designed to give you maximum longer lasting benefits in the shortest possible time. Now You can become who you were meant to be and accomplish goals you have dreamt of for years for yourself but that have been eluding you up until now!

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Self-Mastery Program Plus

A New System of Effective Self-Transformation Developed by Alexander Michaels, Author of “Secrets Of Self Mastery”.

This is the ultimate one-year life-changing course. The main body of the program consists of four 90 days self-transformation courses. During each 90 days period we focus on one key area of your life to transform or one key goal to achieve. You will have daily exercises that gradually guide you towards your set targets for achievement.

Video Coaching
Every two weeks you will have a live 30 minutes video or audio session with a coach to go over your progress and make changes as needed to keep you on track.

Each one of the 90 days sections include a dedicated Self-Mastery Self-Talk ™ Customized Recording. The progress you make is reinforced and additional skills added as you continue to grow in self-confidence and success across multiple areas of your life.

The Self-Mastery Program Plus is a unique Transformation System that Helps you achieve concrete results. Includes customized Self-Mastery Self-Talk ™ audio recordings.


*Includes: Self-Mastery Self-Talk ™

The difference with Self-Mastery Self-Talk ™ system is that we present you with a multi-step questionnaire specially designed to help you drill down to the exact life changes you want to make or goals you want to achieve that will have the greatest impact on your life. We then use the results to go to the second stage where we record affirmations customized to your particular needs and time these to music. Gaps are left strategically during playback for you to repeat the affirmations in your own slightly modified words. It is the carefully controlled combination that makes it more effective. Why? Because sometimes we need to hear someone other than ourselves tell us about our own qualities and give us encouragement at critical times.

This method combines the benefits of external motivation and re-enforcement with internal motivation and re-enforcement. The external motivation is used to trigger the internal/self-motivation. If you feel that you have ever benefited from the support or words of encouragement from a friend or relative, then you will appreciate how powerful this combined customized system can be for you. Now you can have a professionally produced customized program that you can use every day to transform your life and become the person you have always wanted to be.

This practical works and will help you achieve permanent changes in your life that will positively impact your happiness as well as business and financial success.

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