You Must Be Able To Trust Yourself

Using TRUST to achieve maximum transformational success

As I have worked in self-development over the years I keep on coming back to the question of what the key changes are that we must make or actions we must take to have maximum transformational impact on our lives. An answer that keeps coming to my mind is TRUST. But I am not talking about trust in the traditional sense.

Learn to trust yourself

Learn to trust yourself

The goal is that you must get to the stage where you know that you can trust yourself. Most people will go through a great deal to try to prove to others that they can be trusted but they do nothing or very little to prove to themselves that they can be trusted. Do you keep or at least make a decent effort to keep promises you make to yourself in your private when no one is around? Do you make wild promises to yourself that you have no intention of keeping? Your subconscious is watching. Your cells are listening. You are your most important customer, friend, boss and associate. If you cannot trust yourself, then why should anyone else trust you. By trust I mean doing the key things you say you will do when you say you will do them. It is OK to try your best even if you fail, however, if you are not following through then we need to find out why.


Discovering what hinders us from following through on promises we make to ourselves is one of the things I have worked on in my book “Secrets of Self Mastery”. As we begin to go through our life history, beliefs and habits, we discover where the problems lie and begin to take steps to regain trust in ourselves. As we begin to trust ourselves more, our level of self-confidences grows and every aspect of our lives starts to improve.


Alexander Michaels

Author of Secrets of Self Mastery


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